Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Torch of the Unknown Journalist

Our Journalist who art unknown,
Hallowed be thy flame.
Thy acumen come.
Thy research be done
on earth as it is in The Guardian.
Give us this day our daily torch,
and deliver us our press passes,
as we ne’er forgive those who govern against us;
and lead us not into sensation,
but deliver us from Evil’s empire.
For thine is the freedom
to distil truth from power and get the story.
Forever endeavour.

1 comment:

  1. Surprised you haven't added a little verse to this:
    Our Journalist who art corrupted
    Unconsecrated be thy grave
    Thy word be done
    Thy kingdom gone
    On earth as it is in News International
    Give us this day our daily sccop
    and deliver us our press releases
    As we believe in the written word
    So shall our sins be hacked and exagerated
    Forgive us the purchase of the evil rags
    And deliver us from platitude and hypocrisy
    For thine is the spin, the lie and the story
    Forever and never


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